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Centrifugal Casting
    • Summary:

      NPA medium frequency induction furnaces are environmental friendly designed. It consists of IGBT controlled power unit, PLC preprogrammed melting process, liquid steel temperature control, gas protection system and energy consumption record, etc.
      Raw material preparation is done in separate section and baked before melting to remove the moisture, avoid unnecessary oxygen and hydrogen.

    • Summary:

      Centrifugal casting specification:
      Furnace tube:OD50mm-OD200mm, wall thickness:5mm-20mm
      Reformer tube:OD100mm-OD300mm, wall thickness:8mm-20mm
      Inlet Manifold: OD100mm-OD400mm ,wall thickness 10mm-40mm;
      10 IGBT Medium frequency induction melting furnaces
      1 arc Furnace
      8 centrifugal casting machines

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