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      NPA began manufacturing Stainless Steel Rollers for the float Glass Industry in 1998. Since then, NPA has manufactured several thousand Stainless Steel Rollers for over 179 float glass lines worldwide.
      In 2006, stainless steel roller continues to be the most common roller design found in the float glass annealing lehr, particularly in the “hot end” of the lehr and almost universally in the Lift Out or “Dross Box” A number of companies use

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      NPA introduced the MDR Roller to the float glass lines in 2003. There are now over 2800 MDR Rollers purchased for operation in 80 different float glass lines worldwide
      MDR Roller was developed in response to the roller performance problems identified by float glass manufacturers. The MDR roller eliminates embedded cullet – small pieces of glass (cullet), which became embedded in the surface of a covered roller.

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      NPA introduced the AR Roller to the float glass lines in 2005. By the end of last year, over NPA 1200 rollers will be operating successfully in 30 float lines worldwide. Today, the AR Roller is the preferred option for the production of ultra thin and high quality Automotive glass.
      The AR roller eliminates embedded cullet, which can become embedded in the surface of a covered roller and also roll mark problems in the cold end of the lehr.

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