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Ethylene Cracking Furnace
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      Tubularcracking furnace is the main way to produce ethylene in China. Ethylene cracking furnace mainly includes: heating system, heat recovery system, reaction system.
      The furnace includes: burner, radiant section, convection section and quench system, and high pressure steam system. The cracking furnace tube is used in the radiation section, also known as the radiant section furnace tube. ...

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      The main parts of the radiant section of ethylene cracking furnace include centrifugal casting tube, centrifugal casting bent tube, static casting tube, forgings and rolled pipe etc.
      Manufacturing standards:
      1. The design requirements of the customer and engineering company.
      2.Centrifugal casting: HG/T 2601, A608 DIN, ASTM 10295, G5122 JIS...
      3.Static ca...

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      We can produce furnace tubes for a 1-million-ton ethylene cracking furnace per month.
      Manufacturing process: centrifugal casting, sand casting, precision casting. Specification: Furnace tube: O.D.:50MM-200MM, wall thickness: 5mm-20mm; Manifold: O.D.:100mm-400mm, wall thickness:10mm-40mm; Centrifugal casting bent tube: to drawings. Static casting:90°elbow, 180°elbow, Tee, hand type tube, special...

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