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Pattern Roller & A/L Roller used in Pattern Production Line


NPA Industry began manufacturing Pattern Rollers for the pattern glass production line in 2005. Since that time NPA has manufactured over 500 nos. Every kind of pattern rollers &several thousand Stainless Steel Rollers for over 50 pattern glass lines worldwide. The main pattern we can manufacture are as follows:

        AlgaeAncient Figure,Aqualite/Water,Bamboo,Chinchilla,Chinhilla,Crystal,Diamond,Flora,Fiutelite-S,Fiutelite-B,Four-season-rainbow,Hishicross,Karatachi,Kasumi,Leaf,Long life,Masterlite,May Flower,Mistlite/Woven,Millennium,Moran,Moru,Morgon,Neon, Oceanic,Pear,Pearl-S,Rain-B,Rain-S,Rose,Seaworld,Silver bead,Silver square,Spring tide,Warda,Wanji/ Fylfot,Water,Waterfall,Wire nashiji

TypeInfo: Calendaring Line

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