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Technical Features


Sand casting: 1 production lines-automatic recovery of molding sand.

CAE software is used to design the casting process and trial production.

With 30 years of manufacturing experience, NPA could design relevant sandbox to ensure the molten steel to be cooled sequentially to avoid overheating defects.


Precision castings: 1 production line

CAE software is used to design the casting process and trial production

The shell mold is made of urea resinand wax mold with silica-sol hardening process to improve the finish.

Special shell mold baking equipment


Production Documents: Static casting drawings including patterns, process and machining drawings.

The use of casting CAE software could reduce the process cost, optimize the casting process by analyzing and adapt the size, location/shape of the gate, size/location and feeding of the riser, shrinkage cavities, feeding method, temperature, cooling, defects analysis.

TypeInfo: Static Casting

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