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Although operating at relatively low pressure, the radiant coils in an ethylene furnace operate under extremely severe conditions of temperature and stress. In order to achieve the required process temperature inside the outside temperature can be between 950 and 1100oC depending on the degree of coking produced on the inner surface. In addition the tube temperature must be reduced for de-coking, sometimes in a period of every 30 days, creating additional stress from the inflexible coke layer which may involve stretching and bulging. Carburisation of the tubes causes progressive embrittlement over time eventually reducing the life of the tubes.

NPA have alloys to minimise these effects on the process operation. Depending on the furnace design, we can produce a range of tube diameters we also produce cast return bends, wye, tee and tetra fittings and induction bend and offset tubes. We can also produce transfer line castings and connection pieces.

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