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Manufacturing capacity


We can produce furnace tubes for a 1-million-ton ethylene cracking furnace per month.

Manufacturing process: centrifugal casting, sand casting, precision casting.
Furnace tube: O.D.:50MM-200MM, wall thickness: 5mm-20mm;
Manifold: O.D.:100mm-400mm, wall thickness:10mm-40mm;
Centrifugal casting bent tube: to drawings.
Static casting:90°
elbow, 180°elbow, Tee, hand type tube, special-shaped three-dimensional elbow, hanger etc..

10 medium frequency induction furnace,

1 electric arc furnace;

8 special centrifuge machine;

2 surface cleaning machine;

9 special boring machine,

2 CNC pipe welding bevel equipment;

2 special static casting mechanical processing equipment;

6 special welding production lines.

TypeInfo: Ethylene Cracking

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