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Experimental testing

Introduction to the R & D Centre

The R & D centre was established with the purpose of meeting the need of high alloy materials research and development. In addition we carry out testing to support our manufacturing unit to comply with national, international and customer specifications. It can meet the requirements of heat resistant and high alloy products for the majority of test requirements.  We also carry out petrochemical high alloy furnace tube life assessment and failure examinations.

Our research has also resulted in a significant number of patents being granted to NPA with respect to casting processes and equipment which have greatly improved our quality and production efficiency. This is an integral part of our company continuous improvement process.

The centre includes three sections – a wet chemical laboratory for check and tramp element analysis, a room temperature and elevated temperature mechanical testing laboratory and a metallographic laboratory.

Chemical composition laboratory: by means of chemical manual analysis and instrumental analysis of high alloy material chemical composition, NPA established the method for the analysis to 27 kind of elements - C, Si, Mn, P, S, Cr, Ni, Mo, Nb, W, Ti, Zr, Al, Cu, B, La, CE, O, N, H, Se, Pb, Sn, As, Sb, Zn.

Mechanical properties laboratory: high temperature stress testing, elevated/high temperature short-term (tensile) testing, room temperature tensile performance and hardness testing.

Metallographic analysis laboratory: To meet manufacturing requirements and conduct general structure analysis of the  metal materials, Includes low-magnification metallographic observation and high magnification metallographic microstructure analysis and examination. Magnetic permeability test.  Material microstructure characterization, failure analysis, and remaining life assessment of ex-service castings.

The equipments: Direct reading spectrometer, ONH analyzer, high temperature stress testing machine, universal testing machine, see snake, high temperature corrosion test furnace, magnetic permeability testing instrument etc.










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