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Inspection and test equipment

Inspection and Test Equipment

1.Spark Emission Spectrometer – There are two spark emission spectrometers. A Labspark 1000 instrument is located at the production area in the melting shop. A BRUKER Q8-Magellan instrument is located in the R & D Centre.

2.O N H Analyzer –   The instrument provides rapid and accurate determination of oxygen, nitrogen and hydrogen in metals and ceramics. It has a wide detection range, low detection limit a single gas carrier.

3. High temperature creep and stress rupture testing –  There are 14 high temperature stress testing machines in the R & D Centre. They are used for production testing and also for alloy development (long term testing). The machines are automatic with PLC control. 12 machines are capable of testing to 1100oC and 2 machines to 1000oC.

4.Universal testing machine – The testing machine has a computer controlled digital measuring system and can automatically measure and control the test parameters. It may be used for tensile, compression, deformation and bend tests. It also has a high temperature atmosphere furnace to allow elevated tensile testing to be carried out from 300 to 1100℃.

5. Metallographic microscope – This instrument is used for microstructure observation, evaluation and identification. It has a wide application in the field of quality control, grain size measurement, failure analysis, material development, identification and quantification of structural components and non-metallic inclusion detection. Investigations are also carried out on the impact of changes to alloy composition, heat treatment processes and hot and cold processing

6.High temperature corrosion test machine – This is NPA’ s self-designed high temperature corrosion test machine for the testing for the carburizing corrosion, oxidation corrosion, flue gas corrosion ordust corrosion test from 300 to 1250℃. It plays an important role in the evaluation of the furnace tube material and the development of new materials.

7. See Snake LT1000 type cable wheel controller realizes the combined function of laptop and industrial endoscope, the laptop is set up to be the See Snake’s display screen, making it as powerful as a computer in the display and recording function. We have digital storage, DVD recording, wireless transmission and online host facility.

8.Eddy current flaw detector:ET-551H. – This is a computer digital multifunctional eddy current instrument using the most advanced eddy current technology. A multi sector alarm is adopted to meet the skin effect requirements of the eddy current field and the alarm region of the different depth defects. It is applicable to flaw detection, thickness measurement and material separation for all kinds of metals.

9. X ray/radiographic testing – X-ray machines are based on our studying of relevant technical performance both in China and overseas. We have two bays for radiographic non-destructive testing, a large bay capable of safely  holding tube assemblies and coils and a smaller bay for static castings. equipment for non-destructive testing.

10. Additional equipment – Additional routine quality control inspection equipment includes ultrasonic thickness measurement, surface roughness measurement and hardness testing.






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