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 Qingdao NPA Industry Co. Ltdis a leading manufacturer specializing in centrifugally cast tube and static castings in heat resistant alloys. Our products include ethylene cracking furnace tubes, reformer furnace tubes, CAL(continuous annealing lines) &CGL(continuous galvanizing lines) furnace rollers and radiant tubes, glass lehr rollers and heat/wear resistant castings. Our annual capacity is 9000 tons centrifugal castings and 3500 tons static castings (500 tons precision castings). NPA cast products have been widely used by many international petrochemical, engineering and metallurgy companies.

NPA has a long history in heat resistant alloy development and production. During the 1970’s Shandong Jinxiang Stainless Steel Plant was formed to produce centrifugal castings. The core production team was composed of the first generation of centrifugal casting professionals in China.

In 2004 a new factory was opened as Yantai Zhongtuo to specialise in the production of tubes and fittings for the petrochemical industry in China.

In 2011, in order to increase manufacturing capacity, a new plant was built based on the experience from the previous two plants using the latest technology and new equipment designs. The company was rebranded as Qingdao NPA Industry  Co Ltd
         NPA is a private share holding company founded by professional engineers and experts. Most of them have been in the heat resistant furnace roller and tube industry for about 30 years and have contributed to the development of materials for ethylene cracking furnace, hydrogen reformer furnace, steel strip continuous annealing lines and continuous galvanizing lines and float glass lines in China. Most of the management and technicians have more than 15 years experience of manufacturing heat resistant alloy centrifugal and static castings. The accumulated rich experience and valuable technological knowledge have resulted in the development of our own patented technology and knowhow. NPA is now one of the biggest and most advanced equipped companies in China with high level technology and quality, and we strive to provide best turn-key solution for customers based on the market demand.

NPA has a strong R&D ability and has been working closely and extensively with several scientific research institutes and colleges to develop relevant products.

NPA has established a complete quality assurance system including quality(ISO9001), environment(ISO14001)and occupational health and safety OHSAS18001(GB/T28001) .


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